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in height(p)
in her own right
in her right mind(p)
in hiding
in high spirits
in his own right
in his right mind(p)
in its own right
in kind
in labor(p)
in large quantities
in league(p)
in length(p)
in line
in loco parentis
in love
in low spirits
in name
in name only
in no time
in no way
in on
in one case
in one ear
in one's birthday suit
in one's own right
in operation(p)
in opposition
in order
in order(p)
in other words
in particular
in passing
in perpetuity
in person
in person(p)
in place
in play(p)
in point of fact
in poor taste(p)
in practice
in principle
in private
in progress(p)
in proportion to
in public
in question(p)
in real time
in reality
in remission
in reply
in restraint
in return
in safe custody(p)
in secret
in series(p)
in service
in short
in short order
in sight
in situ
in small stages
in so far
in some manner
in some respects
in some way
in spades
in spite of appearance
in stages
in stock(p)
in store(p)
in straitened circumstances(p)
in stride
in style(p)
in suspense(p)
in that
in that location
in that respect
in the adjacent apartment
in the adjacent house
in the air
in the altogether
in the bargain
in the beginning
in the buff
in the end
in the final analysis
in the first place
in the flesh(p)
in the head
in the last analysis
in the lead
in the least
in the long run
in the lurch
in the main
in the meantime
in the middle
in the midst
in the mind
in the nick of time
in the north
in the public eye(p)
in the raw
in the same breath
in the south
in their right minds(p)
in theory
in this
in time
in toto
in trouble(p)
in truth
in turn
in two ways
in unison
in use
in use(p)
in utero
in vacuo

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